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5. ??(Fujin)- Lady, A rich Man or woman’s Partner

Ngày đăng :06/04/2023 09:04 sáng

5. ??(Fujin)- Lady, A rich Man or woman’s Partner

Be mindful even in the event. When you get hitched so you’re able to a local Japanese speaker, there clearly was a good chance she you will dislike your getting in touch with the girl “kaachan,” because the revealed through this questionnaire done by Rie Kakoi, a psychological counselor (page is during Japanese merely).


  1. Ma’am, keeps their man Haru acquired his flu vaccine? ????????????????????????????? (Okaasan, Haru-kun wa infuruenza no yobou sesshu o ukemashita ka?)
  2. Hi honey, what is for lunch? ???????????????? (Naa, okaasan, konya zero gohan wa nani?)

The expression ?? (fujin) are a mature title to possess spouse in the Japanese. It had been immediately following always relate to powerful noblemen’s wives otherwise probably the emperor’s consorts. These days, fujin maintains a good nuance regarding bluish-blooded nobility. Some one use only it to mention so you can wives away from Ceos, people in politics, or any other famous people. It’s a proper identity that’s rarely found in casual dialogue.

  1. Mrs. Michelle Obama constantly wears breathtaking attire. ?????????????????????????? (Misheru?Obama-fujin wa itsumo suteki na fuku o kiteimasu ne.)
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six. ??(Kanai)- My spouse (Very humble Japanese)

?? (kanai) is an additional Japanese word to have spouse who’s got root inside patriarchy. Kanai actually means “inside the house.” From inside the dated times, this made sense while the males spent some time working throughout the sphere while you are their wives spent some time working about house.

Inside modern Japanese, kanai are a humble technique for writing on a person’s spouse. Such as ?(tsuma), it does simply be accustomed relate to your spouse. Possessive pronouns such as for example watashi zero otherwise boku no (definition “my”) are usually implied inside keyword alone (kanai = my spouse).

Because it is ??? (kenjougo), otherwise simple Japanese, kanai is always to simply be regularly identify your spouse (you are being simple) and not somebody else’s partner.


  1. My wife forced me to so it bento. ???????????????????? (Kono bentou wa, kanai ga tsukutte kureta mono desu.)
  2. My wife are a nursing assistant, and you can this woman is operating during the a medical domestic. ??????????????????????? (Kanai wa kangoshi de, roujin houmu de hataraite irunda yo.)

seven. ??(Nyoubou)- (My) Spouse

The expression ??(nyoubou)continues to be a common Japanese term to have wife. But not, it’s rapidly become an outdated identity. People whom have fun with nyoubou to refer to their spouses try middle-aged otherwise older.

Nyoubou isn’t a proper phrase to own spouse within the Japanese. Should you want to put it to use, it’s best to guarantee that you happen to be among family members or loved ones. For example tsuma and you will kanai, the word nyoubou is far more have a tendency to used in one’s spouse than simply for the next person’s wife. It has a similar brand of nuance to help you it one “my personal dated ladies” create for the English.

However, the term ? (??) ?? (Ane (san) Nyoubou) is frequently regularly establish a girlfriend who is over the age of their partner (analogy #2 less than).


  1. If i go to the after people, my personal old people will get aggravated on myself. ???????????????????????? (Suman ne. Nijikai ni ittara, nyoubou ni okorarechau.)
  2. My personal nothing brother’s spouse, Sayuri, are 5 years older than him. ?????????????????????????????(Otouto no oyome san wa Sayuri san so you’re able to iu, gosai toshiue zero ane san nyoubou desu.)

8. ????(Kamisan)- My spouse, Landlady

????(kamisan)are an excellent Japanese keyword having spouse which have an interesting nuance so you’re able to it. Boys just who reference its spouses since kamisan is actually implying you to this woman is the person who “wears the latest jeans” in their wedding. The brand new label infers that spouse is actually knowledgeable, skilled, otherwise enjoys an effective personality. Obviously, some husbands label its wife kamisan since a phrase away from endearment, otherwise just like the a playful laugh/pets title.

Kamisan try a keyword you’d only use certainly one of best friends otherwise household members. It’s a fairly everyday keyword to have speaing frankly about your lady, thus avoid they when you look at the certified items. But if you try near to anybody, you can use this to refer on the partner (example #3 less than).

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